SOLD OUT - Wilson Tempest 110 BLX Squash Racket (Blue)

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The Wilson Tempest 110 BLX is a powerful, yet lightweight (110g) squash racket offering improved shot control and great accuracy. This head heavy balanced racket is easy to use and ensures powerful shots from all areas of the court. It is made using BLX technology for excellent vibration resistance and a cleaner feedback. For added stiffness and strength, the 110 BLX has a graphite construction and it comes strung with Wilson Sensation Strike string in a 12x18 string pattern for added power and a crisper feel. The racket features an oversized 77in2 (499cm2) head to further increase power potential and provides a balance of tackiness and comfort thanks to Exact Tack grip. Additionally, it is supplied with a 3/4 protective cover.