Wilson NXT Comfort Tennis String

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Classic multifilament with a loyal following, is constructed with an army of 1,600 fibers, all of which worked overtime to create the cushioned response reported by our play test team. Along with comfort and feel our team discovered power, and loads of it. While the extra pop caught some of our big hitters off guard, the majority of our team settled into a groove and appreciated the easy depth.

Spin potential, though adequate, left a few of our players longing for the bite of their favorite monofilament. Regarding the big picture, it's clear from the overall score and abundance of positive comments that NXT is more than the sum of its parts.

Unlike niche strings that excel only in one area and target a small group of players, NXT delivers the kind of performance that, like natural gut, cuts across ability levels. Perhaps this is why, for our team, the all-around playability and responsiveness prevailed in the end.

Price quoted is for one racket only. Not available in reel.

  • 200m (Reel) 
  • Gauge: 16/1.30mm