Whipper AS Blend Tennis String

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Whipper AS Blend is a durable, powerful, yet playable string combination.  The main string is Aramid while the cross string is Synthetic.  These two team up to provide a dynamic range of features – power, feel, spin, control and durability. 

With a variety of combinations; unleash the power of the Aramid strings to enhance your playing style.  For extreme top spin and feel, the thinner 18G is outstanding.

For perfect balance of power, control, spin, the 17G consistently delivers.  The 16G provide raw power, resistance to notching, and maximum durability for those monster groundstrokes. 

Pair that up with either 16G or 17G Synthetic cross strings and discover a whole new world of playability and performance.

  • Length: 12.2m (Single Pack)
  • Material: Aramid & Synthetic
  • High Durability
  • Greater Traction
  • More Control
  • Better Spin
  • Increased Power