Unsquashable DSP3500 Squash Racket

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The Unsquashable DSP 3500 C4 Ti squash racket has a bamboo construction that utilises layered graphite to produce a very stiff yet flexible frame with improved vibration dampening effect.

The racket features eight larger grommet holes (Mega Power Zone) that allow the strings to swing more freely and produce a higher rebound effect in the sweet spot area resulting in more power.

The frame also incorporates the Double-String Power System which combines the properties of the rackets without the yoke (power, speed) and the properties of the rackets with the yoke (ball control, vibration control).

The Unsquashable DSP 3500 also weighs 160g (5.6oz) and has a 72.8in2 (470cm2) head with the even balance to further enhance power and control.