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S.Line 2.0 - Carbon Black

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The new S.Line shoe range for the 2019/20 season.

  • Tested extensively by some of the PSA World Tour's most dynamic movers
  • Toe Shield protects against wear from foot drag increasing durability of the shoe
  • Durable Gum Rubber increases longevity of the sole and increase tack to the floor aiding foot placement
  • Reinforced metallic eyelets prevent damage to upper of the shoe from lace tightening
  • Dense Foam removable inserts to facilitate use of custom insoles
  • Seamless tongue to add further cushioning and prevent irritation from tight lacing
  • Padded heel counter for maximum support and comfort
  • Neoprene Inner Lining to add moisture wicking which helps keep the foot cool and fixed for extended periods of time

Eye’s new S-Line shoes make their long awaited court debut. The S-Line was developed by leading sports scientists to combine a balanced cushioned gripping sole with a stable durable upper making it the perfect fit for the rigorous demands of the game. Tested extensively by some of the PSA World Tour's most dynamic movers, the S Line is sure to help any player explode off the T.

As used by Paul "Superman" Coll - the fastest player on the PSA World Tour. Eye Rackets was founded by former squash professional Dutch Daan Van Der Dussen out of a design to create an innovative purely squash brand.

In 2011, Eye officially launched onto the global stage by signing the legendary Jonah Barrington, former six times World Champion and his son, former PSA world tour player, England International and Squash TV anchorman, Joey Barrington. Through Eye's pioneering design and uniquely fresh approach 'dare to be different' was born. Since launching Eye has maintained its position as the fastest growing pure squash brand in the world, signing new legends such as Amr Shabana and upcoming future heros of the PSA world tour. Eye, headquartered in Oslo, has experienced rapid growth from 3 distributors in 2011 to over 60 countries worldwide in 2017. Eye looks to the future with a focus and commitment to providing cutting-edge products to the squash playing community at every level. Eye's ‘Support Your Game’ ethos gives 10% of all sales back to development of the sport through junior sponsorship,tournament sponsorship and charitable squash associations to help grass roots development. Eye is excited to launch its brand new collection and continue to expand its footprint as the only pure squash brand in the the industry.