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Pro Kennex Ki Q5 295 Tennis Racket

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The ProKennex Ki Q5 295 tennis racket is made for both developing junior players and good club players. This performance racquet has a generous 100in2 (645cm2) head which gives you the necessary power and forgiveness to play with confidence and improve. Playability is enhanced by the Spiral Tech Carbon technology that strengthens the frame and increases control, power and feel. The Kinetic dampening system stops shocks from adversely affecting your play and injuring your arm. The racket is head light and manoeuvrable, and the frame weighs 295g (10.4oz). Made from graphite, the Ki Q5 295 is strong and comes strung with a Polyfibre Tour Player 1.25 mm string in a 16x20 pattern, and a full-length cover is included.

  • Head Size: 100in2 (645cm2)
  • Frame Weight: 295g (10.4oz)
  • Balance: 315mm (Head Light)
  • Beam Width: 22mm
  • Length: 27” (686mm)
  • String Pattern: 16x20
  • Frame Construction: Graphite
  • Shaft: Graphite
  • Grip: Comfort Plus