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Pro Kennex Ki Q Tour (325) Tennis Racket

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This racquet features Kinetic Quadfocus Technology, which expands the existing Kinetic Energy Chambers to give you greater protection from vibration, shock and racquet torque. 

This racquet's moveable mass also puts more horsepower under the hood, making it easier for you to control the point with higher levels of pace. In conjunction with the Kinetic technology in the head, this racquet's butt cap features a Comfort Cap, which provides further protection against harsh vibrations.

The Q Tour  also features a firm SpiralTech Carbon layup, which removes impurities and air pockets from the graphite layers in order to provide extra strength and dampening. On groundstrokes the Ki Q Tour  doesn't get pushed around. Players who can swing this one fast will not only be rewarded with exceptional control but also legitimate put-away power.