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Pro Kennex Ki 18 (260) Tennis Racket

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Thanks to its Kinetic Technology, which uses movable mass to reduce impact shock, the Ki 18 (260g) offers above average comfort and arm-safety for its weight class. From the baseline, this stick swings fast and delivers controllable power.

 There's also plenty of spin-potential thanks to the open 16x20 string pattern. Less experienced players will find enough accuracy to confidently attack the ball. At net the light weight makes it easy to react quickly on volleys.

There's also a surprising level of stability on balls struck off-center. Finally, we think beginners and intermediates will appreciate the fast feel on serves where the Ki 18 whips very easily and powerfully through the strike zone.

  • Head size : 111in²/716cm²
  • Weight : 260g
  • Balance : 350mm/1 pts HL
  • Length : 27.5"