Prince Quantum Protective Eyewear

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The Prince Quantum is an over-the-glass squash protective goggles that offers a number of top features that will make your time on the court more comfortable and enjoyable without compromising on eye protection.

With a vented design for excellent air flow and anti-fog polycarbonate lenses, vision will be clearer and remain so. They also have an anti-scratch coating so your view will be unaffected for longer.

The head strap is easily adjustable and the band absorbs moisture and can be washed after use. The goggles will fit over glasses and a micro fibre cleaning pouch is included so you can wipe the lenses clean in an instant.

The Over-the-Glass squash goggle eliminates the need to get prescription lens fitted into your squash eyewear. You can just wear this goggle over your existing glasses. Therefore, it is convenient and easy to wear.