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Dunlop has improved upon their popular Biomimetic GTS series with the introduction of the "Precision" Elite and Ultimate series frames . The name says it all with this series. Designed and spec'd for the control oriented players in mind. This series features "Biofibre Construction Technology", which significantly reduces vibration (18%), allowing the player to "feel" the ball on the string bed, not the impact. Additionally, the Precision’s large (500 sq. cm.) head size and head light balance offer superior racquet maneuverability and ball control. The Precision Ultimate offers a 132g weight and a dense 16x19 string pattern for more emphasis on control, while the Precision Elite offers a 135g weight and less dense 14x18 string pattern for more of a mix between power and control.

"This racket is brilliantly weighted and swings slightly head heavy which helps generate more head speed through the ball. The firmness of the shaft gives the feeling that everything stays nice and still through impact so you can deliver the racket face exactly where you want at impact. The mid-size head provides a perfect balance of feel and power. This is a racket I would recommend for the intermediate to more advanced player."

Paul Johnson Plays with Precision Pro 140 Racquet he is a PSA SquashTV Broadcaster and Former PSA World Tour #4

Feature :

Weight : 135g

String Pattern 16x19

Balance : Head Light

Factory String : Great white