SOLD OUT - Dunlop Hyperfibre+ Precision Ultimate Squash Racket

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New Diego Elias' Dunlop Precision Hyperfibre+ Ultimate Squash Racket is the latest release in the popular Ultimate racket range. With new improved aerodynamics from the hybrid cross section and CX grommets add a little extra power and control.

Hyperfibre +. Hyperfibre material has been re-worked and engineered into the 3 and 9 o’clock positions on the racket to add extra stiffness and durability. The added stiffness coupled with the frame aerodynamics deliver ultimate power for aggressive players.

BioFibre - Between layers of carbon in the racket frame, Dunlop has a layer of woven plant stem extracts. This weave acts to dampen the racket vibration. The amount of initial vibration is reduced on impact and reduces quicker.

AeroSkin CX - Inspired by the textured skin of sharks and then developed in a wind tunnel the surface of the racket is designed to smooth turbulant air for 36% reduced aerodynamic drag. This allows a greater swing speed and higher power.

CX Grommets - The grommet strip is shaped to fit into the groove of the frame. This keeps a more aerodynamic profile for the frame to increase racket head speed.

MoS2 Grommets - Designed to be like snake skin, the grommet polymer MoS2 is self lubricating. This reduces the fricton on the string by 27% increasing string and grommet life.

Hybrid Cross Section - A blend of the oval and box section designs prioritises aerodynamics at the head and stability at the throat to improve power.

Please note: this racket cannot be restrung in a hybrid string.

  • New Slim Profile racket with Aeroskin CX
  • BioFibre and CX Grommets
  • MoS2 Grommets and Hybrid Cross Section
  • Supplied with full length cover
  • 16 x 19 Stringing pattern