Babolat Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racket

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Introducing the lightest member of the Pure Aero family. This racquet offers the spin-friendly precision of the standard Pure Aero but in a lighter, more user-friendly package. At 10.1 ounces strung, the Pure Aero Lite is ideal for the intermediate player who wants a fast swinging racquet with easy targeting on full swings. It should also work for the dedicated beginner who wants a racquet that will reward continued improvement. Like the previous generation, the Pure Aero Lite comes with FSI Spin Technology, which features wider spacing between the crosses (for added bite) along with larger grommet holes at 6 and 12 o'clock (for increased string movement and a more powerful "snapback"). The result is a racquet that puts a tight grip on the ball before snapping it out of the stringbed loaded with spin. As with the other members of the Pure Aero family, Babolat has moved the Cortex dampening material to the head at 3 & 9 o'clock, resulting in a slightly softer feel at impact. This model also benefits from an Aeromodular Beam, which helps reduce wind drag. From the baseline, the Pure Aero Lite not only feels comfortably firm at impact, but it also delivers easy spin and exceptional targeting on full swings. Although it is not as stable as the heavier Pure Aero models, this racquet's even balance gives it impressive stability for its weight class. It also packs the kind of maneuverability that improving players need for generating effective pace and spin. As with the previous generation, this racquet's light weight is an asset at net where it plays great on fast exchanges. The speedy feel also helps on service returns where the Pure Aero Lite comes around very fast when the pressure is on. Ultimately, with its user-friendly responsiveness, the Pure Aero Lite remains an obvious choice for rising players who want easy access to pace and spin.