Babolat Evo Drive Tennis Racket

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The Babolat Evo Drive Tour is perfect for the player looking for more stability from the racket as it the heaviest in the Evo Drive range at 280 grams. Enjoying the self-improvement challenge of tennis? Check out the EVO Drive. Whether you want to have fun with friends or want to see how far you can take your game (why not both?!), this affordable performance racquet provides easy power and comfort as you enjoy tennis and reach your full potential.

Thanks to its new lay-up, brand new 16/17 string pattern and its 104 sq. in. headsize, it has never been easier to hit a powerful stroke. Uses SWX Evo Feel technology to increase the vibration dampening properties in three key areas of the racket to provide comfort on every shot. A Woofer system creates the most effective frame-string interactionfor great control and comfort.