Ashaway Titanium T-I Badminton String

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MicroPower® TI badminton string from Ashaway Racket Strings combines the exceptional power of a thin string with the superior tension-holding properties of a unique microfilament design. A titanium additive incorporated into an abrasion-resistant polymer resin wear layer provides increased surface toughness and a modern titanium white color.

Ashaway's proprietary manufacturing process combines three thousand microfilaments into a highly oriented core. The core is encapsulated in a densely braided microfilament wear layer that is bound and coated with a polymer resin for superior durability and easy stringing. This unique construction prevents shifting and tension loss even when strung at tournament tensions-making MicroPower TI an ideal choice for top professional and advanced amateur players.

With a gauge thickness of 21-Micro (.70 mm), MicroPower TI string is 10 percent thinner than standard 21-gauge string. Thin strings provide more power by amplifying the "trampoline effect," and the thinner profile minimizes wind resistance, allowing shuttles to be hit harder and faster.

  • Gauge: 0.70mm / 21 Micro
  • Length: 10 Meter ( 33 Feet )
  • Color: Titanium White
  • Made in USA